Hello World!

I am selected in GSoC 2014 \o/ , and what makes it even better is the organisation, KDE and my mentors Shantanu Tushar and Peter Grasch. My project is “Integrate Plasma Media Center with Simon”. The result of which will allow users to interact with PMC (Plasma Media Center) using voice commands.

The first step of my project was to make PMC MPRIS compatible, so that it can accept commands from Simon or any other application using MPRIS specifications, and it is complete (reviewboard). So, if you are building PMC from the latest source (pull and build again :P), you can now control PMC with the “Now Playing” desktop plasmoid. I’ll post updates on my project as and when a development is made, so stay tuned!

Finally, I thank Google for conducting such a wonderful program to motivate students in contributing to open source projects and I thank my mentors and whole KDE community for giving me a chance to work with them.